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About United Training and Trade

Get trained with confidence: Your safety is our business


United Training & Trade is an international Health, Safety, and Environmental training organization comprised of specialized industry experts with extensive experience in Project Management, Business Consulting, and the Health and Safety Industry. Even prior to its creation, the founders of this elite entity already held over 20 years of practical and training experience as well as noteworthy educational achievements including a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, and Masters in Business Management, International Economical Relations and Project Management. United Training and Trade is also knowledgeable in both marketing and international import and export. Although we serve clients worldwide, we are proud to be 100% owned and operated in the USA.


Our mission is to deliver superior quality training and knowledge to enhance the understanding of compliance requirements within the industry and reduce workplace accidents. We are committed to providing practical training to professionals and managers worldwide. United Training and Trade enables employers to reap greater rewards by empowering employees to be proactive on safety initiatives, acting as a fundamental link between employers and employees to ensure safety.


Expert instructors provide our trainees with extensive real-world safety and health technical knowledge and practical skills that are reinforced and deepened through extensive training. We hold ourselves, our associates, and our students to the highest standards of integrity, quality, and efficiency. The training tutors have been involved in the Health, Safety and Environmental fields for more than 40 years. In addition to years of field experience, career accomplishments include Masters' degrees in Environmental Management & Environmental Principles, Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, NEBOSH Diploma in Health & Safety, various off-shore oil & gas qualifications, and Membership in Chartered Management Institution & the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).


As Accredited Center #1033 for NEBOSH, United Training & Trade is accredited to offer the NEBOSH International General Certificate course. We also offer the following OSHA courses: 10 or 30-hr General Certificate, 24-hr HazWoper (Hazardous Waste & Chemical Emergencies), and Oil & Gas Safety (Hazards Recognition & Standards for On-Shore Oil & Gas Exploration). Theses courses can be taken through our Open Enrollment schedules or On-Demand. In cooperation with top quality management accredited professionals, UT&T is also pleased to offer a number of Quality Management training programs.